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The InHouse Digital Collections [IHDC] has been created to digitally capture and provide electronic access to Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah and Universiti Utara Malaysia  special collections via the World Wide Web using advanced digital technologies. These collections include news paper clipping, exam papers, research papers, proceedings, theses and dissertation, acts etc. To date IHDC has produced 20 digital projects covering a wide array of subjects and topics.

The InHouse Digital Library Collections  has two fundamental goals which were accomplished through the use of a variety of new technologies which capture, store and provide access to images, text, multi media and sound files :

  • the preservation of and the provision of access to the library's and university's unique special collections.

  • focus on digital library collections by investing in the means of developing, acquiring access to, and persistently managing digital collections.


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Most of the collections used .doc/.pdf/.avi/.mpeg. Please make sure your computer were well equipped with the suitable player such as Acrobat Reader, Media Player, Word Processing etc.

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